In this brief video, you’ll meet Mark Henneman, Chairman & CEO, Andy Adams, Chief Investment Officer, and Rob Mairs, President. They talk about the company and their passion for helping you attain financial security. The video runs about 3 minutes.

Transcript follows

Mark L. Henneman, CFA, CIC, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Andrew R. Adams, CFA, Chief Investment Officer

Robert W. Mairs, President & General Counsel

Mark: We never lose sight of what really is important for our clients. What they’re really concerned about is somebody watching over their financial security.

Andy: I really try to put myself in the shoes of the client, understand their financial position, what their objectives are and what I would do with my own portfolio in their situations.

Founded in 1931: Oldest investment manager under continuous private ownership in Minnesota

Mark: We are as a matter of fact the oldest investment manager under continuous private ownership in the state of Minnesota.

Rob: We say that not just to show that we’re old and long tenured but really, the independence that we have is very important to how we manage money for our clients.

Mark: When I think about the investment committee and the investment managers that are sitting at the table around me, I can see that we’ve hired some of the very best and the brightest people around. Every one of them has clients that they deal with. They know what’s important to them, never lose sight of the fact that there is somebody counting on them to invest their money prudently.


Regional Focus

Mark: We focus on companies that are based near our headquarters in St. Paul. These are great companies. Some of the best companies in the world just happen to be right here in the upper Midwest and in Minnesota. The benefits of proximity are absolutely huge. We have companies come into our office, sit right in here with us and CEOs and CFOs will talk to us. We also can easily visit them at their headquarters.


Multi-cap Companies 

We’ll also buy companies that are very large but we’ll buy smaller companies, and everything in between. So, what our clients end up having is a nice diversified portfolio across market-cap segments.


Long-term Investors

Andy: Our long-term investment process is doing a much deeper dive into the companies where we’ll go spend 40, 60, 80 hours plus really getting to know the company well and developing a detailed report. We call it our durable competitive advantage analysis. My favorite days are going out and visiting with management teams, just hearing from the experts. These guys that know their businesses better than anybody else, what they’re excited about, touring their facilities, just really getting to know those companies over time.

Mark: And, in those times when the markets are scary and they’re concerned about their well-being that’s when we’re really there for our clients.


Portfolios investors can understand

Rob: They appreciate the clear and transparent manner in which we invest. They can look at a portfolio and understand what they invest in. They also can do the simple math to determine the cost they’re paying. We’re not in the surprise business. Our clients come to us because of our established track record and the portfolios that we design to weather the storms that come.

Andy: People that have invested with us a long time ago really understand the process. They’ve become very comfortable with our deep knowledge of these companies and letting their stocks compound.

Mark: The key for us is to continue to do what we do for our clients, and we think that we’ll be doing that well into the second 100 years of Mairs and Power’s history.


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Diversification does not eliminate the risk of experiencing investment loss.